Mistermunro is the work of Liverpool based animator and illustrator James Munro. James is an incessant doodler and hoarder of pens, and is excited to learn new techniques. James works with a diverse list of exciting clients, using still and moving images to share their ideas and knowledge.

‘It’s all about the drawing’ said James in a 1997 interview with Rolling Stone magazine. ‘l’ll draw anything. I draw lots, I draw curtains, I always make sure my score matches my opponent.’ He was nominated for an OBE for services to drawing in 2017, but drew a sword during the ceremony and was subsequently sent to the Tower, where he was hung, drawn and quartered. Critics argued this served him right.

James miraculously survived, and now draws in his attic studio in Liverpool, working on exciting and inspiring projects that range from book illustration to stop-motion campaign videos. He collaborates with scriptwriters, music producers and voice artists to bring his clients’ ideas to life. Every project is unique and approached with creativity, humour and sensitivity.

James is also a proud member of artists collective More Than Minutes, which specialises in ‘visual minutes’ or ‘live scribing’. Visual Minutes is the live capture of meetings, conferences or events with drawings and key words, leaving a vibrant legacy of what has been said. James is thrilled to work alongside a talented group of other artists, and finds the collaboration and interaction a welcome break from the solitary darkness of the animation studio.

James is his happiest when drawing with his children, or escaping it all to draw on the beach.