Exquisite hand-drawn animations for a warm, clear way to get your message across.

Is there something you’re passionate about, but the more you talk about it the more glazed over your audience’s eyes become? We can boil your ideas down into a short, punchy bespoke animation that’ll keep your audience entertained, informed and wanting more!

You might have a script you want to see come to life, or chose to work with our professional script writer. With clear storyboarding and communication, you will have control of the whole process. Whether it’s stop motion, live-drawing or computer animation, each animation has a friendly hand-drawn feel that oozes warmth and humour. Guaranteed to suit even the shortest attention spans, use animation and we promise no one will go to sleep.


Coming to Spinal Clinic

Young people with Scoliosis might not know what to expect when they visit Spinal Clinic. This film aims to help by bringing together the advice and top tips from young people who have been there.

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Children Coming to Hospital

Shortlisted for the BMA Information Award. Researchers from Edge Hill University gathered a group of young people to talk about their experiences of hospital, and how to improve the experience for others. They chose animation as the best way to communicate their ideas and advice.

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Perinatal Mental Health

One in five women experience a perinatal mental health problem during their pregnancy and in the first year after the birth. NHS England commissioned this film to raise awareness of Perinatal Mental Health for health professionals like GPs, Health Visitors and Midwives.

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Patient Carer Involvement

New Mental health services are being developed in Indonesia. Researchers from the University of Liverpool have been talking to patients and carers about how to shape these services, and commissioned this animation to raise awareness.

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Diabetes Research

‘Healthier You’ is a new national scheme to help reduce Type 2 Diabetes. A group of researchers from the University of Manchester has been asked to take a look, to see if it is working. Here’s a ‘big-picture’ animation to tell us all about it, using cut-outs and speedy drawing.

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Dementia & Stigma: Our Journey

A group of people tell their stories of living with dementia, all brought to life in this big-picture animation of speedy drawing and cut-outs. 

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Patient Feedback in the NHS

Researchers have been looking at how patient feedback is collected in the NHS, and how it can be used to improve services. Here’s what they found, explained in a colourful 3 minute animation, made using coloured card and cut-outs.

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Dry January

Was your January spent in a befuddled booze haze? Or did you join the millions of people ditching the drink to take part in Dry January? Maybe you were persuaded to take part by this animation I made with Green Lions for Alcohol Concern. Which paper cut-out character do you want to be on February 1st- the overweight, farting drinker or the sharp, energetic Dry January participant? Featuring cut-outs and real life booze.

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Back Pain Help

Bad back? Does it sound a bit like me twanging an old violin? In which case this animation is for you! Beth Tweddle explains the best way to help relieve your back pain in this film for Cheshire & Merseyside Back Pain Help. The best person to help your back is YOU, and by following the Golden Rules for Back Pain you can be as pain-free and nimble as Tweddle (well, almost) in no time!

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Love Your Clothes

The WRAP charity has launched a campaign ‘Love Your Clothes’ which aims to reduce waste in the way people buy and dispose of clothing. Their research found that clothes buyers fell into 6 separate groups, from those who wear their clothes to death to those who just love shopping. They commissioned 7 animations through IE Design to profile each group and explain what this ‘segmentation’ is all about. Done in a big-picture style with plenty of cut-outs.

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Involving Carers in Care Plans

Winner of the 2017 NIHR Let’s Get Digital Award, this short animation explains how to involve carers in patient’s mental health care planning.  

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Outdoor Classroom Day

On May 18th 2017, thousands of schools around the globe celebrate outdoor learning and play. Here’s a short campaign animation featuring Tarzan, pigeons and some extreme hopscotching to persuade teachers to get outside & taking part..

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The Transition Journey

Most young people with epilepsy will face the move from children’s services to adult services at some point. It can be a leap in the dark, so the Walton Centre commissioned this animation to explain what it will be like.

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Zero Waste Carpets

Did you know most carpets are made from oil, used once, then buried or burned? Watch this animation to find out about a better way where recyclability and reuse are designed in right at the beginning, saving carpets from a fate in the landfill or the incinerator.

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Global Health Exchange

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a kind of NHS foreign exchange programme where NHS workers could gain international knowledge while contributing to global health at the same time?

Well actually, there is! It’s called the Global Health Exchange, and here’s Professor Ged Byrne telling us all about it.

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It’s Your Job To Ask

An animation to remind nurses and healthcare professionals that it is their job to speak to women who could be at risk from FGM, in order to offer support and direct them to specialist services.

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Acrylamide is a carcinogenic chemical that has slipped through Food Safety legislation and found it’s way into bread, coffee, even baby food. Changing Markets commissioned this short campaign animation to highlight the shady dealings of food industry lobbyists, and promote the SumOfUs petition for tighter legislation on Acrylamide.

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’10Cs’ in Mental Health Care Planning

The National Institute for Health Research funded a research project to see how patients can be better involved in planning their mental health care. They came up with 10 Cs- here’s an animation to tell people what they are.

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Wild Network

Wild Time for everyone! The Wild Network want you to get outdoors- watch this short intro animation to find out why. Animated with cut-outs and stop-motion.

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Step Up To Safety Pt2

Following on from Aspen Healthcare’s patient safety animation about how NOT to care for patients, this short film outlines the 4 steps staff can take to ensure maximum patient care. Spot, Talk, Examine & Prevent are the ways staff can ‘Step Up To Safety’.

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